Forte Equipment Rental Program

In response to requests from our customers to provide a short-term, lower cost option Forte is proud to introduce the Equipment Rental Program. This program allows you to rent our amazing VX520 terminals on a month-to-month basis and gain some pretty incredible benefits.

What are the benefits of the Equipment Rental Program?
There are several benefits. Here are a few of the major benefits:
▪ Flexibility. This is an open-ended, month-to-month rental agreement, which gives the merchant the flexibility to rent equipment during their busy season or to test a new initiative.
▪ Protection. The program includes our premium Extended Warranty program at no additional cost: Free advanced replacement and overnight shipping. Warranty during the life of the rental.
▪ Future-proof. Merchants can upgrade to the latest terminal as it is offered by Forte at no additional cost. Simply return the old units and order a new one.
▪ Low-cost. Enjoy a low price of $20 per month per terminal as opposed to $399 MSRP
▪ Easy entry, easy exit. You may sign up for the rental program quickly and easily by simply ordering equipment and selecting the rental option. Once they are ready to end the program, they cancel and return the equipment.

What is the price for this program?
This program is offered at price of $20 per month. This fee covers all hardware, support, cables, shipping and one roll of paper. The merchant is responsible for paper and processing-related fees.

What's included with the program?

The only thing not included is extra paper.

What's required to get started?
Getting started is very easy. If you already have a merchant account with Forte, simply order your equipment and specify any cables that are needed. Within a few days your VX520 terminal will arrive with everything setup and ready to roll! If you're not currently a merchant with Forte, signup is easy at www.forte.net... just click Get Started.